Caring For Teak Wood

Teak Maintenance
Teak garden furniture is elegant, robust, and useful. Because it can be exposed to the elements all year round, it has long been a preferred material for ship and boat decking. Additionally, you can be confident that your teak garden furniture won't splinter or break (apart from routine maintenance). Teak can retain its attractiveness and durability with the right maintenance.

The natural colour of teak, which is honey or brown, will be featured in newly designed garden furniture. They frequently have a polished appearance. Oil that naturally exists in the wood gives it a shiny look. A few days outside will cause the oil on the surface to evaporate. The wood's resilience comes from the oil that lies beneath the surface.

Teak garden furniture will turn a lovely silver grey when allowed to age naturally outside. Approximately six to twelve months will pass during this process, depending on how much UV radiation and rain the teak is exposed to. It is usually advised to clean your furniture on a regular basis to guarantee that it is free of dirt, mould, and mildew and that it ages evenly. The integrity of the teak garden furniture is unaffected in any way by the greying process. The weathered appearance of teak complements many garden settings. Due to its natural appearance and low maintenance requirements, it is highly loved by many.

Teak comes from nature. As a result, when air conditions change, tiny cracks may start to show in the end grain of components before disappearing. These little fissures are typical, particularly in larger parts like the arms and legs. Your teak garden furniture's longevity and durability won't be impacted by them.

Restoring Teaks Natural Colour
A sealer is advised if you wish to keep your teak outdoor furniture's honey/brown hue. Teak sealers are often solvent-based, have a viscosity similar to water, and offer moisture, mould, and UV light protection. If you would prefer a tint other than the natural one, there are many different shades available. Although sealers are simple to apply, they usually need to be done every nine to twelve months. We advise you to check out our online ranges if you decide to employ a sealer.

Teak Garden Furniture Cleaning
With the exception of the odd scrub, teak requires virtually little upkeep. Accumulated dirt can be removed with a diluted mixture of and water or a mild solution of soapy water. After that, give it a quick rinse with clean water. It is advised to give grease areas a quick scrape with a degreasing solution. Rinse with clean water after doing this as well.

Use a teak cleaner that you can get from us to get rid of the silver-grey patina and return the furniture to its natural colour.

Teak is a hard wood that's suitable for outdoor and interior furnishings. Maintaining the beauty of your teak furniture year after year requires proper care. It is advisable to maintain your teak furniture spotless and clutter-free. It is easy to wash, and doing so will keep your furniture clean and fresh-smelling and prevent dirt buildup. We like to relate the upkeep of teak furniture to that of an outside-parked car; if you keep it clean and well-maintained, it will last longer.

How To Clean Your Teak Wood;
Items You'll Require

  • Use a medium- to soft-bristle brush (a sponge can also work).
  • Water supply (best used with a garden hose)
  • A gentle solution that won't damage the teak (our teak cleaning is recommended)
  • Dry cloth
  • Gloves (not required)

The Ten Easy Steps for Cleaning Teak Furniture

  • Eliminate any cushions and non-teak items, such as leaves and other debris.
  • Rinse the item well using a medium-pressure hose. Avoid applying excessive pressure since it will harm the wood.
  • In a bucket, mix a tiny amount of the solution with water.
  • After dipping the brush into the liquid, start carefully cleaning your furniture.
  • To ensure the solution doesn't harm the teak, start with a small area.
  • Scrub with the grain rather than against it while cleaning.
  • Remember to give the edges and spaces between cracks a gentle scrape.
  • Be sure not to over brush in order to avoid damaging the wood.
  • Rinse the solution off after cleaning, then let it sit and let it dry.
  • Use a drying cloth or allow the material to air dry in the sun.

Consistently make sure to thoroughly rinse the solution off. If it dries normally, it can take anything from 24 to 36 hours. Avoid using strong, caustic, or two-part acid solutions as they can damage the teak furniture's structural integrity. Clean, dry furniture should be coated with any kind of finishing agent, such as a teak sealer or special coating.

For all varieties of wooden garden furniture, including teak furniture, checking is very normal. While some people like it if there aren't any checks, others don't mind at all. If you fall into the latter category, it is advised that you hold off on sealing the checking until the furniture has had at least three months to settle in. Teak outdoor furniture is deemed settled after three months, and additional inspection is not necessary. You can stop checking on your garden furniture made of teak now.

You'll require PVA glue of the exterior grade and grade 180 sandpaper (grade 120 sandpaper can also be used).

  • On your finger, apply a few droplets of glue.
  • Glue should be applied to the checked area.
  • Remove any leftover glue by wiping. It should ideally stay in the checking only.
  • Allow the adhesive to get slightly sticky, which should take about 15 seconds.
  • Sand the area that is impacted until the sanding powder stops penetrating and sealing it off. Sand the wood with the grain running through it.

Sanding your teak outdoor furniture will bring it back to its original golden brown colour if it already has a weathered appearance similar to the one in the picture. But someday, the light will bleach it and the fix won't be evident.