Using Teak Garden Furniture with Fire Pits

Exploring the use of teak garden furniture, particularly from Royal Finesse, in proximity to fire pits requires understanding both its strengths and necessary precautions.

Is Teak Furniture Durable?

Absolutely! Teak is renowned for its toughness. This hardwood, known for its water resistance, ensures that our garden benches remain resilient throughout the year, irrespective of the weather. When you choose our smooth-finish plantation teak, you're choosing strength.

To further enhance the durability of your classic teak bench, consider our premium covers. Available in green or black, these PVC-backed polyester covers are designed to perfectly fit and protect your bench.

However, remember that while teak is a sturdy wood, it isn't fireproof. Direct contact with fire or extreme heat, as well as PVC covers, should be avoided to prevent damage.

Safe Use of Teak Furniture Near a Fire Pit

Teak's popularity for outdoor settings stems from its robustness and natural resistance to moisture and pests. But, when it comes to fire pits, caution is essential.

While teak can endure high temperatures, direct flame or intense heat exposure can harm the wood. To avoid cracking, warping, or discolouration, maintain a safe distance between your teak furniture and the fire pit.

Here are some tips for safely incorporating teak furniture near a fire pit:

  • Keep the furniture at least 6 feet away from the fire pit.
  • Use a fire pit screen or fireproof mat to shield the furniture from heat.
  • Don't place hot objects or embers directly on the teak.
  • Regularly clean and maintain your teak furniture to reduce fire risks.

Adhering to these guidelines will let you enjoy your fire pit alongside your teak furniture safely.

Fire Pit Safety Tips

  • Always check the weather before lighting a fire pit.
  • Use appropriate kindling.
  • Burn the right type of wood.
  • Keep the fire manageable and small.
  • Never leave the fire unattended.
  • Have a bucket of water nearby for emergencies.

Why Choose Royal Finesse?

At Royal Finesse, we source our products from legal and sustainable projects, contributing to environmental conservation and combating deforestation. By choosing our high-quality sustainable wood, you're not just getting durable furniture but also aiding in reforestation.

Our 20-year commitment to quality teak wood and exceptional joinery ensures the longevity of your products. With free UK delivery, a 12-month warranty, and a two-week money-back guarantee, now is a great time to explore our range and special offers.

Visit Royal Finesse to discover our collection of teak garden furniture, perfect for enhancing your outdoor living space.