Should I Paint My Teak Bench?

Considering a new look for your teak garden bench from Royal Finesse? It's essential to understand the impact of painting on both its appearance and durability. Let's dive into whether painting your teak garden furniture is a wise choice and how to best care for these key elements of your garden.

Should You Paint Teak Garden Furniture?

While it's possible to paint teak furniture, the real question is whether you should. The answer is straightforward: it's not recommended. Painting teak can compromise its unique look and even affect its structural strength.

The Natural Beauty of Teak

Royal Finesse's Grade A teak boasts a natural, honey-gold hue with warm wheat and amber tones. Grade B shows more colour variation and is typically darker, while Grade C teak presents a more uneven colour, with dark patches and white areas. Our furniture is made from premium Grade A teak, ethically sourced from well-managed timber programs.

Teak Durability Outdoors

Teak benches are remarkably durable and can be left outdoors throughout the year. Teak's natural oils provide protection, but painting it could lead to water damage and flaking.

Teak's Natural Colour Evolution

Over time, teak naturally shifts from its original golden shade to a graceful silvery grey, a process known as 'weathering'. This change, caused by the British weather, doesn't compromise the wood's charm or strength.

Caring for Teak Furniture

While this colour transformation is natural, you might want to preserve the golden hue of your teak furniture. You can do this with teak treatment oils and sealants, but only after the wood has weathered.

Note: applying these treatments on our pre-treated teak before it weathers could harm the furniture and may affect your return rights – see our terms for details.

The Royal Finesse Commitment

Our teak furniture is not just about style and durability. By choosing our sustainably sourced pieces, you contribute to combating deforestation and ensuring more trees are planted. This commitment to quality and sustainability has been our hallmark for over 20 years.

Plus, with free UK delivery, a 12-month warranty, and a two-week money-back guarantee, now's the perfect time to explore our range of teak garden furniture and special offers.  Visit Royal Finesse to find the perfect teak piece for your garden.